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3rd annual Mental Health for All conference

Mental Health For All

Join us at the 3rd annual Mental Health for All conference alongside health care providers, front-line workers, researchers and people with lived experience to set the agenda for #MentalHealth for the next century. #MH4A https://conference.cmha.ca/

Erase the difference

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Join CMHA in the call to erase the difference.
For decades, mental health and addictions services in communities throughout Ontario have been chronically underfunded compared to other parts of the health system. The result: it’s impossible to meet the needs of Ontarians. Wait times are up. Programs have been cut. People are falling through the cracks.
But we’re on the cusp of something big. For the first time in a long time, there’s widespread acceptance about the urgent need for quality mental health and addiction services. The federal government is providing an unprecedented amount of money for mental health and addictions services. And with the provincial election coming this spring, Ontario’s three main political parties all believe it’s a key issue.
Now is the time for all Ontarians who have been touched by mental health or addictions issues to make their voice heard. Join us in letting provincial candidates know that it’s time to #erasethedifference and fund mental health and addictions care the same as physical health care. 
Visit erasethedifference.ca and sign the petition. Then ask three friends to do the same.
With your help, we can send a strong message ahead of Ontario's June 7, 2018 election.
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5 week wait

World Suicide Prevention Day

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CMHA commemorates World Suicide Prevention Day

Each small moment can add up to make a big difference.

That's the message individuals, organizations, policy makers and advocates are sharing this year to commemorate World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD) on September 10.

The Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention (CASP) estimates that each day in Canada, 11 people end their life and 210 make a suicide attempt. Suicide occurs across all age, economic, social, and ethnic boundaries. The tragedy of suicide impacts the entire community.

Raising awareness opens doors to help, hope and healing. CASP is encouraging Canadians to participate in WSPD and take a minute to:

• Wear a suicide prevention ribbon

• Speak up and share the message on social media that help is available

• Reach out to a friend or family member who may be struggling and ask them if they want to talk


CMHA Champlain East offers Livingworks certified trainings, for more information click here.

Though not all suicides can be prevented, some strategies can help reduce the risk, such as:

• Seeking treatment, care and support for mental health concerns — and building a good relationship with a doctor or other health professionals

• Staying connected with a care team or community-based program to help manage stress and monitor for thoughts of suicide

• Building social support networks, such as family, friends, a peer support or support group, or connections with a cultural or faith community

• Learning good coping skills to deal with problems, and trusting in coping abilities


Universal prevention strategies recommended by the World Health Organization also include increasing access to health care and responsible media reporting.

For more information or to learn more about the suicide prevention or positive mental health, contact CMHA Champlain East at 613-933-5845 or 1-800-493-8271.


The suicide prevention Coalition would like to thank  YoutTV    Cornwall for providing the promotional video’s for our upcoming “POSTER CAMPAIGN” in 800 school buses, reaching 33,000 students a day by February 28th, 2018.   This collaboration between Your TV Cornwall, STEO, Kids Help Phone and the Suicide Prevention Coalition of Champlain East has been an example of how communities can work together to prevent suicide. In connection with World Suicide Prevention Day the coalition along with its partners is making every effort to support youth in our community by providing visibility to a 24 hour resource aimed at supporting youth www.kidshelpphone.ca


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Reach Out Now


Segment 1- World Suicide Prevention ( Coalition)




Segment 2- World Suicide Prevention (STEO)


Kids Help Line

Segment 3- World Suicide Prevention (Kids Help Phone)


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For more information and activities go to their website:


International Association for
Suicide Prevention (IASP)


Mental Health Matters

Mental Health Matters-Season 5

The 5th and final season of mental health matters on YourTV Cogeco will focus on mental health and well-being.Be sure to tune in every Tuesday for new episodes CH 11 OR 700 in HD 



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