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Intensive Case Management

Intensive Case Management is a service which provides individualized support and opportunities to learn and practice essential life skills needed for independent living, while improving accessibility to services for the clients and reducing the incidence of hospital re-admission.

It may include:

  • One to one support and counseling
  • Life skills teaching, such as budgeting, cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene, groceries, interpersonal relationships, stress management, problem solving, and crisis management
  • Linkage with desired/needed services and resources available
  • Maintenance of family support
  • Client advocacy to ensure the protection of rights and to facilitate rehabilitation
  • Monitoring service delivery to ensure the appropriateness and effectiveness of the service that will ultimately lead to relative independence and community integration
  • Discharge planning

Community Treatment Orders

CMHA staff provide Intensive Case Management service to psychiatric patients who are living in the community under a Community Treatment Order (CTO) which has been negotiated by the patient and his/her physician.

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