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Grades 7 & 8 (TAMI)


Talking About Mental Illness Grade 7 & 8 (TAMI)


Talking About Mental Illness (T.A.M.I.) is a program that was designed for elementary students in 2012 and is best suited for grades 7 & 8. This awareness program has been proven to bring about positive change in the students knowledge and attitudes about mental illness and related subjects.


This program enables students to:


  • Foster a more positive attitude towards mental illness
  • Provide links to community resources and support for further information and professional help
  • Reduce the stigma associated to mental illness
  • Emphasis is placed on wellness education such as self-esteem building and stress management


The comprehensive 4 session package is designed to be delivered in a classroom setting for 1 hour per day for four consecutive days when possible. Students are introduced to various topics such as Mental Health/Illness, Types of Disorders, Self-Esteem and Stress Management.


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  • Session 1 Grades 7 & 8
  • Session 2 Grades 7 & 8
  • Session 3 Grades 7 & 8
  • Session 4 Grades 7 & 8

Session 1
Mental Health/Illness

This presentation is an introduction to topics relating to mental health and mental illness. This interactive presentation is designed to engage students in the learning process.

Mental Health Meter

Topics include:


  • What is mental health?
  • What is mental illness?
  • Causes
  • Warning signs
  • Stigma
  • Recovery

 Take the Mental Health Meter



Session 2
Types of disorders

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This presentation educates the participants about the common types of mental disorders, where to get help. Animated videos used to facilitate understanding of each type of disorder. A look at famous people living with mental illness is also explored.

Topics include:

  • Famous People
  • Common Mental Disorders
  • Signs and Symptoms
  • Substance Use & Mental Illness
  • How does Mental Illness affect you?





Session 3

This presentation allows students to explore what is self-esteem, creating positive self talk and affirmations for future wellbeing.

My declaration of self-esteem

Session 4
Stress Management

This presentation offers simple, practical tips on how to reduce and manage stress that may negatively impact our lives.

Topics include:

  • Definition of stress
  • Assess your stress
  • Stress control
  • Stress the facts
  • Tips to manage your stress
  • Positive thinking

To book Talking About mental Illness or Beyond the hurt (Bullying Prevention) please call the mental health promotion department in your area.