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Mental Health First Aid Training

(MHFA) is the help provided to a person developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis. Just as physical first aid is administered to an injured person before medical treatment can be obtained, MHFA is given until appropriate treatment is found or until the crisis is resolved.

The MHFA Canada program aims to improve mental health literacy, and provide the skills and knowledge to help people better manage potential or developing mental health problems in themselves, a family member, a friend or a colleague.


Mental Health First Aid for Adults who Interact with Youth

Mental Health First Aid for Adults who Interact with Youth (aged 12-24) is a 14 hour course that focusses on mental health problems and first aid response for youth.

Training Cost: MHFA  $226.00 ($200.00 + HST)

Mental Health First Aid Basic

Mental Health First Aid Basic is a 12 hour course focused on adults interacting with adults in all environments.

Training Cost: MHFA $226.00 ($200.00 + HST)


Right now, many of us are worried about others—including their mental health. Now more than ever, we need effective skills to watch over our friends, family, and co-workers and keep them safe. LivingWorks Start is a simple, powerful online training program to help us recognize the signs of suicide and take meaningful action to protect others. To help reach more people with these life-saving skills, LivingWorks is offering this program at a reduced cost and is donating 25% of the proceeds to suicide prevention organizations and trainers economically impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. No matter who we are, every one of us can make a difference in #SuicidePrevention. Even apart, we’re #InThisTogether.