Clients have identified the need for and benefit of services provided by a peer; someone who has experienced a mental illness and is knowledgeable of mental health and social services.
The peer support groups are composed of individuals who share similar concerns or mental health issues (ex: violence, mourning, drug addiction, depression).
These groups are open; meaning that people are free to join and to leave the group as they please. 
Clients who have knowledge of the mental health system facilitate the groups. The objective of the meetings is to decrease feelings of isolation through personal exchanges with other individuals who have experienced similar situations.
These groups are free, confidential and anonymous.
Provide self-help techniques, education, community resources information;
Provide social interactions, short-term support, and links to appropriate levels of service;
Facilitate opportunities to build self-esteem through training and volunteering for the Centre or community activities such as blood banks, food bank, etc.
For location of the Centers and calendar of activities, please phone our office at 613-933-5845 or 1-800-493-8271.