HORIZON Resource Center
August 2023 CALENDAR

Casselman 721 Principale

*Virtual activities require an email address and use MS Teams platform*

Opening hours:
Monday and Tuesday closed
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9:00am to 11:30am and 1:00pm to 3:30pm




Wednesday August 2
Musical morning, 10:30am
Outdoor garden box, 1:30pm

Thursday August 3
Mood walk, 10:30am
Bracelets, 1:30pm

Friday August 4
Bingo, $1, 10:30am
Coffee and cards, 1:30pm




Wednesday August 9
Macrame, 10:30am
Yoga, 1:30pm

Thursday August 10
Board games, 10:30am
Dream board, 1:30pm

Friday August 11
Painting, 10:30am
Pizza lunch, 1:00pm




Wednesday August 16
Fruit Picking, $5, 9:45am
Coffee and Cards, 1:30pm

Thursday August 17
Rock painting, 10:30am
Musical afternoon, 1:30pm

Friday August 18
Mood walk to the museumm, 10:00am
Movie and popcorn, 1:30pm




Wednesday August 23
Painting, 10:30am
Stretches, 1:30pm

Thursday August 24
Colouring, 10:30am
Affirmation sticks, 1:30pm

Friday August 25
Meditation, 10:30am
Petrie Island outing, sign-up, leaving center at 1:00pm




Wednesday August 30
Train your brain, 10:30am
Fidget making, 1:30pm

Thursday August 31
Coffee and cards, 10:30am
Birthday celebrations, 1:30pm


For registered CMHA Resource clients only

Conference line 1-844-511-2074, password 016033211#

Information: 613-933-5849
Laurence ext. 404

Weather permitting on all outdoor activities
Activities are subject to change without notice