Funding Sources
The Mental Health Promotion Program relies on the following sources to sustain this program: United Way of SD&G and United Way East Ontario, short-term grants, Subway (Owners: Pascal, Jacques & Christian Brunet), community donations and fundraising events.
For more information, please contact us at: (613) 933-5845 or 1-800-493-8271.
Talking About Mental Illness (Panel Discussion)

TAMI is an anti-stigma program that helps to increase the understanding of mental health/illness. It is intended to dispel common misconceptions regarding mental illnesses and those living with a mental illness.. The panel discussion provides students an opportunity to better understand common disorders with a strong focus on recovery. The TAMI panel offers 3-5 short testimonies of individuals who share their lived experience. These sessions can be offered as a conference/ in class or virtual; allowing participants to ask questions and engage in discussions in order to break down the stigma.


Mood Walks Program

Mood Walks is designed to encourage and support the mental and physical health of participants through exposure to the healing effects of nature, participation in physical activity that combines an educational wellness component. The program is offered seasonally in the fall, winter and spring during the school calendar year (October/February/May). Each monthly program is themed and delivered weekly over four weeks. Mood Walks incorporates wellness strategies for healthy living. This program is provided to schools as a Train the Trainer format. Teachers in grades 7/8/9 can request a Mood Walks facilitator for one of the four week programs. CMHA will provide introduction/facilitation/program support. The 12 themed Mood Walks materials are also included to encourage the ongoing delivery of this wellness program in the classroom.


Living Life to the Full (youth) 

Living Life to the Full for Youth is a fun, interactive course that will leave youth with the inspiration and tools to get the most out of life. Living Life to the Full for Youth is an eight-week course that provides simple, practical skills for coping with stress, problem solving, boosting your mood, and busting unhelpful thoughts. the course is designed for youth ages 12-18. Offered 1 hour/x2 days per week over 4 weeks. Available of a first come first serve basis each school calendar year.